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this can be a professionally-formatted, unfastened flowing booklet replica of exact, up to date publications produced by means of the dept of security that supply entire information regarding all features of lifestyles within the Palestinian Territories, with a different emphasis on geography, background, the economic climate, society, safety and army issues, faith, traditions, city and rural existence, ethnic teams, crime, the surroundings, govt, vacations, gender concerns and masses more.

CHAPTER 1: PROFILE * Geography * background * From precedent days to the 1800s * British career, UN Partition, and the nation of Israel * growth of Israel * Palestinian Militancy * The Lebanese Civil battle * Intifada and Oslo * Palestinian Political Fragmentation * circulate towards a Two-State resolution * govt * govt * Legislative * Judicial * Media * financial system * exchange * Palestine financial Authority * Ethno-Religious teams and Languages * Palestinian Muslims * Palestinian Christians * Jewish Settlers * bankruptcy 2: faith * evaluation of significant Religions * Islam * Christianity * Judaism * faith in govt and way of life * spiritual Conventions and Gender Roles * spiritual vacation trips and occasions * Ramadan * Eid al-Fitr * Eid al-Adha * Christmas * constructions of Worship * Mosques * church buildings * Synagogues * bankruptcy three: TRADITIONS * Clans within the Post-Oslo period * Politeness, Hospitality, and present Giving * Male/Female interplay * consuming conduct and kinds of nutrition * costume Codes * Non-Religious vacations * Yawm al-Nakba (Day of disaster) * Independence Day * Dos and Don'ts * bankruptcy four: city lifestyles * Urbanization difficulties * paintings difficulties in city parts * Healthcare * schooling and concrete faculties * eating places * industry position and road owners * city site visitors & Transportation * road Crime, Terrorism, and Civil Unrest * bankruptcy five: RURAL lifestyles * creation * Palestinian extended family and Bedouin Tribal Distributions * Land Distribution * Rural financial system * Rural Transportation * Rural Healthcare and schooling * Border Crossings and Checkpoints * Landmines * bankruptcy 6: kin existence * female and male Interactions in the kin * prestige of Elders, teens, and kids * kin Social occasions * start of a kid * Engagement * marriage ceremony * Funerary Rituals * Married existence and Divorce * bankruptcy 1: GEOGRAPHY * Geographic Divisions * Mediterranean Coastal undeniable * Judaean Hills and Samarian Highlands * Jordan River Valley * Rivers/Bodies of Water * Mediterranean Sea * lifeless Sea * Jordan River * Aquifers * Gaza urban * Khan Yunis * Jabaliya * Hebron * Rafah * Nablus * Ramallah * Bethlehem * Refugee Camps * Environmental issues and typical risks * bankruptcy 2: background * historical * creation of Islam * Crusades * Early smooth interval * smooth interval * twentieth Century * British career * nice Arab riot * global battle II * The Arab-Israeli struggle * growth of Israel * The Six-Day conflict and Its Aftermath * Yom Kippur conflict and Its Aftermath * Lebanese Civil warfare * Sabra and Shatila Massacres and Israeli Withdrawal * Intifada and Oslo * contemporary occasions * After Arafat * Palestinian Infighting * flow towards a Two-State answer * bankruptcy three: financial system * Agriculture * * companies * strength and typical assets * exchange, Banking, and Finance * Palestine financial Authority * way of life and Unemployment * Outlook * bankruptcy four: SOCIETY * faith, Ethno-religious teams, and Languages * Islam and Palestinian Muslims * Christianity and Palestinian Christians * Judaism and Jewish Settlers * delicacies * conventional costume * Gender matters * Arts * Literature * track and Dance * tools * activities and game * bankruptcy five: safeguard * United States-Palestinian family * family members with Neighboring nations * Israel * Egypt * Jordan * Lebanon * Syria * Turkey * Police strength * Gaza Strip * Terrorist, Militants, and different Radical teams * Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades * Partisans League (Asbat al-Ansar) * Democratic entrance for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) * Hamas (Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya)

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