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it is a professionally-formatted, loose flowing book copy of 4 distinctive, up to date courses produced via the dep. of safeguard that supply finished information regarding all points of existence in Iraq, with a distinct emphasis on geography, historical past, the economic climate, society, safety and armed forces issues, faith, traditions, city and rural existence, ethnic teams, crime, the surroundings, executive, vacation trips, gender matters and lots more and plenty extra. Separate publications disguise Iraq in viewpoint - An Orientation advisor, Iraqi Cultural Orientation, Kurmanji Cultural Orientation, Sorani Cultural Orientation.

Iraq in standpoint - An Orientation consultant - bankruptcy 1 - Geography * creation * Geographic Divisions * wasteland * higher Tigris and Euphrates Upland * Northeast Highlands * Alluvial Plains * weather * significant Rivers * Tigris River * Euphrates River * Shatt al-Arab * significant towns * Baghdad * Basrah * Mosul (Al-Mawsil) * Kirkuk * Arbil * ordinary risks * Environmental issues * bankruptcy 2 - historical past * advent * historic Cultures of Mesopotamia * unfold of Islam * Ottoman and Safavid clash * The Ottoman period * global struggle I and the British Mandate * Faisal I and the Hashemite state * Independence and global battle II * Post-World warfare II * the autumn of the Hashemite Monarchy * The Qasim Regime * The Arif Brothers and the Ba'athists * the increase of Saddam Hussein * Kurdish Push for Autonomy * The Iran-Iraq struggle * the 1st Persian Gulf battle * Sanctions * guns Inspections * Invasion and next Iraqi Governance * protection Efforts * fresh occasions * bankruptcy three - economic system * advent * the advance of Iraq's financial system * Agriculture * * providers * Banking * Tourism * strength * Oil * usual fuel * electrical energy * exchange * lifestyle * Transportation * funding weather * company Outlook * bankruptcy four - Society * creation * faith and Ethnicity * faith * Ethnicity * Languages * Gender concerns * Honor Killings * delicacies * conventional gown * the humanities * activities * bankruptcy five - defense * creation * United States-Iraq relatives * relatives with Neighboring nations * Iran * Syria * Jordan * Saudi Arabia * Kuwait * Turkey * Geopolitics of Water assets * concerns Affecting protection * Poverty * Displaced individuals and Refugees * Corruption * army and Police constitution * Terrorist teams * Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) * different rebel Groups

Chapter 1 - Profile * advent * Geography * region * Geographic Divisions * Topographic good points * weather * Rivers * Draining of the Marshlands * atmosphere * harm to Biodiversity and atmosphere from battle * significant towns * Baghdad * Mosul * Basrah * Karbala * Kirkuk * Erbil * Pre-Modern heritage * old background * Islamic Empires * The Ottoman Empire and the British * fresh historical past * Operation Iraqi Freedom * Post-Saddam Iraq * economic climate * evaluation * The Oil area * the rural area * The prone quarter * Rebuilding the Infrastructure * Telecommunications * Mass Media * electrical energy * Ethnic and different Minority teams * Kurds * Marsh Arabs (Ma'dan) * Turkmen and different Minority teams * bankruptcy 1 overview * bankruptcy 2 - faith * creation * heritage of Islam * below Muhammad's management * less than Muhammad's fast Successors * Schism * Sunni and Shi'a Islam * Sunnis * Sunni Iraqi Kurds * Shi'ites * Shi'a Iraqi Political Affiliations * Sufism * The Pillars of Islam * Non-Islamic Religions * Christianity * Yazidis * Mandaeism * function of faith within the govt * Baathism * non secular legislation * impact of faith on lifestyle * constructions of Worship * Mosques * Mosque Etiquette * Shrines * church buildings * spiritual occasions * Ramadan * Ashura * bankruptcy 2 evaluation * bankruptcy three - Traditions * Greeting and Interacting * Hospitality * replacing presents * Sharing * Honor and Offenses * Vendettas and Honor Killings * Male-Female Relationships * interplay with Iraqi Women

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